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The goal of this site is to be a one-stop resource for anyone seeking to learn more about the instruments most commonly featured in traditional Irish and Scottish music. If you are a Celtic music fan, for example, you may choose to read profiles of the most highly regarded musicians on each instrument, plus lists of those musicians' most indispensable recordings. If your objective is to learn and play an instrument, this site is designed to assist you with researching each instrument, hearing what it sounds like, selecting the right one for you, and, if desired, purchasing an instrument, tunebook, tutor and related materials online. For all types of users, the drop-down menus at the top of each page can provide quick navigation among the site's many sections and pages.

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Chieftains Concert Review

The Chieftains Concert Review
Throughout the group's 43-year existence, The Chieftains have been led by the venerable Paddy Moloney, playing tin whistle and uilleann pipes, and acting as the perfect concert-night master of ceremonies. Rounding out the core members of the group are fiddler Sean Keane, bodhran player and vocalist Kevin Conneff, and Irish flute master Matt Molloy. Additional musical contributors to this 2005 tour include fiddler Jon Pilatzke, guitarist Clem O'Brien, vocalist Yvonne McMahon, and harper Triona Marshall. Read the Chieftains Concert Review here.


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Instruments for Children

Now featuring Celtic musical instruments for children in just the right size! Accordions, harps, bagpipes, chanters, guitars and more.

Great Highland Toy PipesChris Mini AccordionDunbar Child's Chanter


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