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Dublin Pennywhistle, High D

from: Kelischek Workshop

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Brand: Susato
Label: Kelischek Workshop
Manufacturer: Kelischek Workshop
Publisher: Kelischek Workshop
Studio: Kelischek Workshop

Editorial Review:

Dublin Pennywhistle, High D

Product Description:
These have one-part ivory colored bodies with a dark mouthpiece and matching thumbrest. These are made of high impact ABS. Features a circular windway / labium, and are individually voiced. Fingering chart included.

High D is most popular model as this is what much Irish as well as other whistle and flute music is written in. Low D is popular for those that want to play lower and have a little more of a unique whistle. C is next in popularity due to the lack of sharps and flats in the music. Other keys should only be ordered if you have an explicit need for those keys and clearly understand the difference in the keys.

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