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Emerald Low D Irish Tin Penny Whistle Celtic Flute from


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Brand: Emerald Low Whistles by
Color: Dark Metallic Green with Black mouthpiece
EAN: 0628586411920
Item Dimensions: 100225056100
Size: Low D 22.5" in length

  • Low D Model Plays a D major scale through 2+ Octaves
  • Molded Plastic Mouthpiece, Painted PVC Body
  • Hand Tuned to Concert Pitch A440
  • Measures 22.5 Inches in length
  • Offset finger holes for easier reach

Editorial Review:

Emerald Low D Irish Tin Penny Whistle Celtic Flute from

Product Description:
This is the Emerald Low D Whistle from which is hand made by Nick Metcalf in Oregon, USA. Nick has been making whistles since 1998. Features: - 22.5" in length - non tunable - Plastic Molded mouthpiece - Painted PVC Body -not affected by temperature and humidity (always stays in tune) - Hand tuned to Concert Pitch A440 - Plays a D major scale over 2+ octaves - Plays very easily through the entire second octave - Very low cost because of the materials used, but the sound is excellent! This is a great instrument for the beginner, or person on a budget, but it is sounds as good as some whistles that cost over three times as much!The materials are very inexpensive so I pass the savings on to you. I make many types of whistles, but this is the Low D I am carrying around with me at the moment, because I just love the way it plays and sounds. Low D Whistles are difficult to play if you have small hands because of the reach. Using what is called the "piper's grip" really helps. I make my low whistles with hole spacing that is as easy as it can be while still making the holes large enough to play properly. guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Please contact me either through Amazon or through my web site if you ever have any problems with any whistle I make. I am happy to repair/replace/refund according to your wishes, and will always take care of my customers to the best of my ability.

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