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Scottish Smallpipes D with Bellows

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Brand: HakamDin
EAN: 0782298336534

  • Hakam Din Scottish Smallpipes in the key of D
  • Made of African Blackwood with Imitation Ivory Mounts
  • For Sound Sample and A wide variety of models, copy paste the link below into your web browser
  • Complete Set with all accessories

Editorial Review:

Scottish Smallpipes D with Bellows

Product Description:
Brand: HakamDin Model # M-3 Newly launched African Blackwood Hakam Din Scottish Smallpipes in the key of D This historic instrument has many attractions for Highland pipers and folk musicians. This instrument play's in the tune of D, Can be played with the same fingering as the Highland pipe chanter, also with covered finger holes. There are three drones comprising of a bass, baritone and tenor, set in a single stock, which can either be played over the shoulder or across the knee. Description Ready to play with a long-life, Swan Neck Cowhide Bag; is the easiest to maintain of all the hides. It is extremely airtight, requires almost no seasoning, almost never leaks and produces a beautiful, natural sound. Cord Maroon Bag cover Shaw Type Chanter reeds Practice 2.Pcs Practice Drone Reeds 1.Set The reeds supplied with the set are practice reeds, If you want an extra professional performance for events then buy and add Ezee drone reeds which pipe dreams manufacture for our small-pipes, Click here to buy Soft Padded Carrying case; light weight and easy to carry This model is Bellow blown version.

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