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How to Care For and Maintain Your Bodhrán

Changes in temperature and humidity may prove hazardous to your drum's health, not to mention its tone and pitch. In fact, storing a skin head drum in extreme heat for a prolonged period can even crack the skin or affect the shape of the frame, ruining the drum permanently.

Here are a few care tips to keep your bodhran in a consistent and peak condition. These tips can be useful for owners of any drum with an animal skin head.

Maintaining Constant Conditions

In the battle to keep your drum at a constant temperature, your first line of defense is a good bodhran case. However, just because your instrument is safely tucked in its case doesn't mean you can get careless with storage. At home, keep the cased drum in a closed, dark closet or cabinet to minimize temperature variations. On the road, wrap your drum case in a blanket or other material that will provide insulation (even your accumulated dirty laundry, if perfectly dry, can be put to good use for this purpose). When you go indoors, take your instrument with you, and NEVER leave it inside your car, or in the boot or trunk.

Specific Problems

Here are some approaches to correcting specific problems with your drum:

Practice Makes Perfect

Periods of inactivity promote variances in your drum's condition, so play your bodhran regularly. You need the practice anyway, right? Diligent practice habits can improve your drumming chops and your instrument's condition at the same time!