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Irish Flute Recordings

When searching on the Internet for Irish flute CDs, you are as likely to turn up James Galway (an Irishman playing a silver orchestral flute) as a player of Irish traditional music on the wooden Irish flute. This site can streamline your search for the best Irish flute CDs: the musicians featured on cover the full spectrum of styles of Irish flute playing, from Leitrim-Sligo to the East Galway and piping styles.

Featured Musicians

Paddy Carty Traditional Irish Music
Matt Molloy Heathery Breeze
Shadows on Stone
Laurence Nugent The Windy Gap
Colm O'Donnell Farewell to Evening Dances
Michael McGoldrick Rubai, by Flook
At First Light
Seamus Egan Traditional Music of Ireland
The Words That Remain, by Solas
When Juniper Sleeps
Cathal McConnell Good Friends, Good Music, by The Boys of the Lough
Long Expectant Comes at Last
Kevin Henry One's Own Place: A Family Tradition
Kevin Crawford The D Flute Album
In Good Company
Various Artists Wooden Flute Obsession, Volume 1