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Celtic-Instruments Site Map


Bodhran Irish Frame DrumThe Bodhran

Irish Flutes & Whistles

Irish Flute, Irish Whistle HomeFlutes & Whistles Home

Irish Tin WhistleThe Tin Whistle Irish Flute The Irish Flute

Free Reed Instruments

Free Reed HomeFree Reed Home

AccordionThe Accordion MelodeonThe Melodeon ConcertinaThe Concertina Free Reed Maintenance


Pipes Bagpipes HomePipes Home

The Great Highland BagpipesThe Great Highland Bagpipes The Uilleann PipesThe Uilleann Pipes The Northumbrian SmallpipesThe Northumbrian Smallpipes The Scottish SmallpipesThe Scottish Smallpipes The Border PipesThe Border Pipes Pipes Maintenance
Pipes Books & Tutors
View Parlor Pipes
View Chanters
View Practice Pipes

Stringed Instruments

Stringed Instruments HomeStringed Home

Irish FiddleThe Fiddle GuitarThe Guitar Celtic HarpThe Harp Irish Bouzouki and CitternThe Bouzouki & Cittern Hammered DulcimerThe Hammered DulcimerMandolinsThe Mandolin Irish BanjoThe Banjo

Other instruments

Other InstrumentsOther Instruments Home The McNally StrumstickThe McNally Strumstick

Sheet Music

Sheet MusicSheet Music Home



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Irish & Celtic Musicians

Bodhran Musicians
Tin Whistle Musicians
Irish Flute Musicians
Accordion Musicians
Melodeon Musicians
Concertina Musicians
Great Highland Bagpipers
Uilleann Pipers
Northumbrian Pipers
Scottish Smallpipers
Border Pipes Musicians
Fiddle Musicians
Guitar Musicians
Harp Musicians
Bouzouki & Cittern Musicians
Hammered Dulcimer Musicians
Mandolin Musicians

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