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Harp Recordings

Featured Musicians

Derek Bell Ancient Music for the Irish Harp
Carolan's Receipt: The Music of Carolan, Volume 1
Patrick Ball Celtic Harp 1: Music of Turlough O’Carolan
Celtic Harp 4: O'Carolan's Dream
Music on the Wind: Selected Pieces, 1983-2003
Alison Kinnaird Silver String Music: Imagery of Scottish Harp
Harper's Land: Music for Irish & Scottish Harp, with Ann Heymann
Maire Ni Chathasaigh The New Strung Harp
Alan Stivell Renaissance of the Celtic Harp
Best of Alan Stivell
Robin Williamson Skirting the River Road
The Seed at Zero
Gems of Celtic Story Three
Sue Richards Morning Aire
Grey Eyed Morn
Women of Ireland, by Ceoltoiri Celtic Ensemble
Allison Hampton Airs For Solo Celtic Harp
Galicia, by Linn Barnes and Allison Hampton
Various Artists Faces of the Harp: Celtic to Contemporary
Celtic Harpestry: A Contemporary Celtic Collection